Cultural Awakening

We believe the world is going through an awakening, both in the spiritual and cultural sense. Today, more and more Filipinos are discovering the importance 

of culture, and how vital it is in bridging the past, present and future.  In fact, from world leaders down to the marginalized sectors, the whole world is beginning to realize (in their own capacities) just how much we need to reconnect with our culture and heritage to improve our way of life.

In a simpler sense, both a culture-based lifestyle 

and leadership is necessary to create a better world. Culture is nourishment for our whole being; it is the soul of our nation and where our identity as Filipinos is rooted upon. Embracing it will give us a sense of pride and honor to stand confident and proud of who we are.

At this point in time, we believe our country needs more genuine culture and heritage warriors to fight for the preservation of our identity as Filipinos. 

Tuklas Kultura aims to awaken and remind those who have forgotten just how rich and vibrant Filipino culture is, that they may rekindle their love 

for their Motherland and their true selves.

                                          - Marcy Giron Creator


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