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Tuklas Kultura is a culture and arts blog created by a new breed of explorers, storytellers and warriors all working for the preservation and promotion of Filipino culture.


Tuklas Kultura believes that a huge part of celebrating, promoting and preserving culture entails its transmission through spoken and written stories.  This website was created purely out of our desire to showcase Filipino culture and everyday Filipino life to a bigger audience. We are not your ordinary travel blog. In fact, we will try to veer away from the usual content featuring numerous tourist destinations and attractions. Instead, we hope to take you deeper into the core of what makes culture so important and why without it, local tourism and creative industries 

will not prosper. We hope to make you, our readers, realize that a large bulk of why we love travelling and adventures is because we are able to access not just beautiful scenery, but the beautiful people, and the rich experiences and traditions they wholeheartedly share with us. 

Our philosophy

Culture is Everything


From the way we speak, the way we dress, the way we greet and express ourselves, the way we celebrate, the way we mourn, the way we fight -- these are all part of our culture. 

Culture is embedded onto everything that we do, whether we are aware of it or not. It is not always about celebration and thanksgiving, it's also about camaraderie, brotherhood and the concept of "kapwa" (the other is also the self). It is also about being creative, and expressing this kind of creativity not just through traditional arts, but also in the way we eat, farm,  do business; the way we protest, the way we communicate and care for our employers and employees; even in the way we love our parents, children and pets.

Culture is not and should not be confined within government agencies and academic institutions. It must be present and alive in every home and community, blazing like an eternal flame that will live on even after we have passed.

It must not be used and abused to control money and power. Instead, it should be utilized and shared so that we, as a people, may prosper in all aspects of life so that no one will be left behind.

Although we are hopeful for the things to come, there is also a sad realization that despite the vast scope of our culture, most of us, even our government leaders, are unaware that culture is the bedrock of progress and a means for us to discover where we're headed.  

Tuklas Kultura believes rediscovering Filipino culture is a vital step towards knowing our true selves, and the needs of our communities -- important steps we must not overlook or take for granted.

Tourism Thrives Because of Culture


Our five star resorts and pristine beaches would be nothing without our signature Filipino hospitality. Thanks to our religious beliefs, our harvest cycles, the influences of our conquerors, the effects of political eras and regimes, the fruits and vegetables that grow on our fields, even the variations of adobo and sinigang being cooked in our homes, -- all these show that we have a diverse culture being celebrated and practiced in many different ways. 

These facets of life have been transformed into festivals, monthly observances, experiences and gatherings, which in turn have become  tourist attractions and destinations. Even our vehicles like tricycles, jeepneys, buses and trains, show off distinct characters and that make them truly Pinoy. 

Without the culture ingrained in our systems, the tourist experience in our country will be quite different. And because of the vast and unique influences that have molded our culture we have a distinct branding based on our "Pinoy hospitality", bayanihan, colorful and festive decorations, kundiman, baybayin, indigenous beliefs and practices, sumptuous heritage food, Pinoy pop culture and so much more. 

And so our tourism thrives not because of destinations, places or landmarks. It's the  people, their stories and the experiences we gather once we get there. Our culture, seen in our various traditions and practices (ex. festivals) must not be viewed as tourism products. Culture is the foundation on which our tourism initiatives must be anchored on. It is the means, while tourism is the end. Tourism shouldn't dictate what culture is and isn't. It should be the other way around. Culture must be highlighted because this is the only way for Philippine Tourism to be truly sustainable.

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